Der Geier - Willkommen Welcome
Der Geier - Geiersberg 11 - 90403 Nürnberg

From the inn to a new concept.
GEIER. Club. Work. Events.

Who actually says that you can’t put a monument to the dialogue of the future into an inn from 1662? In the middle of Nuremberg’s old town, the traditional business GEIER has blossomed into a multi-sensory event and workspace. The historic inn still breathes history, but now mixed with completely new, inspiring vibes.

Der Geier - workingspace Nuremberg Nürnberg

New German "Gemütlichkeit".

In the guest room, a minimalist experience design has created an area that is constantly reinventing itself with its guests. Conference room or club? Why not both? Nest warmth is on two additional floors, as fully equipped co-working and silent workspaces to come down or focus.

Extremely agile, but never commonplace.

The GEIER is not just an extremely cool location, but a complete concept: The design experience is rounded off in terms of taste by high-end caterers such as Keepers & Cooks and extended by staying at the Elch Boutique Hotel. Top prerequisites for becoming the new nucleus of the Franconian creative scene.

Der Geier - willkommen welcome Nuremberg Nürnberg

How to protect against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection properly!

Please wash your hands!

Clean your hands with hot water & soap several times a day.

Keep a distance of 1.5m!

Please keep 1.5 meters away from strangers.

Don’t shake hands!

Greet your opposite with nice words and good handling.

Sneeze properly!

Please cough/sneeze always in the crook of the arm or in a handkerchief.

Wear your Face Mask!

Use relevant face masks or similar protective measures.

Corona and our ventilation in the GEIER
No chance for aerosols! – Clean air for safe enjoyment. We want to make your visit as pleasant and safe as possible. That is why our virus-safe – ePM1-certified – system filters the air we breathe in our rooms seven times an hour – so you can breathe deeply as quickly as in the fresh air. This means that even the smallest particles and aerosols no longer stand a chance – but YOU are sure to have a good time!

Celebrate and work – everything #CoronaSafe. The GEIER has a hygiene concept so that your guests are not exposed to any risk. It corresponds to the current requirements and is adapted to them again and again.

Geier technology

For your successful working day, you can book the GEIER conference rooms. Invite colleagues, business partners and customers to a dialogue.

We organize everything you need for this.

Basic Conference Technology

Always included

85" flatscreen


1 pin-board

1 flipchart



Der Geier - events and workingspace Nuremberg Nürnberg
Der Geier - events and workingspace Nuremberg Nürnberg

Conference Rooms

Rental technology

85" Zoll flatscreen

55 € / per day


25 € / per day

Pin board /
magnetic board

25 € / per day


25 € / per day

Fly your business higher





Extensive technical equipment *

Light, color and fragrance


Conference rooms
with daylight


Rooms with the latest ventilation technology
according to state requirements

New Work

* Technical support for Android, Windows & Mac OS, using all types of adapters

Our conference packages


49 / person
  • Wake-up breakfast
  • Refreshments
  • Coffeebreak
  • Lunch time
  • Tea-time afternoon

Price from 10 Persons
Simply book the “Beverage Plus” for € 8.00 per person (1 soft and 1 hot drink for lunch)


59 / person
  • Wake-up breakfast
  • Refreshments
  • Coffeebreak
  • Lunch time
  • Tea-time afternoon

Price from 10 Persons
Simply book the “Beverage Plus” for € 8.00 per person (1 soft and 1 hot drink for lunch)


125 / person
  • Wake-up breakfast
  • Refreshments
  • Coffeebreak
  • Easy lunch
  • Tea-time afternoon
  • Afterwork
  • Dinner
Price from 10 Persons
Tip: Simply book the “Beverage Plus” for € 8.00 per person (1 soft and 1 hot drink for lunch)
Tip for dinner: the “wine safari” for 20.00 euros goes perfectly with the menu.

The package contains our basic conference technology

Seating arrangements

You can choose between U-shape, Row Type, Audience, Circle or Square seating arrangements.

Seating / people qm tisch-podium Tischreihen Stuhlreihen Sitzkreis Tischmeeting Price / day from
GEIER Wald 40 15 20 33 20 20 300,- €
GEIER Nest 10 0 0 0 8 8 129,- €
Seating / people GEIER Wald GEIER Nest
qm 40 10
tisch-podium 15 0
Tischreihen 20 0
Stuhlreihen 33 0
Sitzkreis 20 8
Tischmeeting 20 8
Price / day from 300,- € 129,- €

Wake up in the morning
Freshly brewed coffee specialties, cappuccino, various types of tea from the buffet – ideal for a successful “get together”.

Refreshment in the conference room
Mineral and aromatic water (unlimited) with regional fruit juices from Franconian Switzerland – directly from the Pretzfelden fruit juice cellar.

Time to breathe
Coffee break in the morning: coffee specialties and a selection of teas from the tea buffet. Hearty snacks and fruit provide energy. Mineral and aromatic water are also available.

Lunch time
We will prepare a varied, creative and seasonal 2-course menu for you. Regardless of whether you are a vegetarian, vegan or allergy sufferer – we cater to the wishes of every single guest!

Home straight
Coffee break in the afternoon with a selection of coffee and teas. There are also sweet delicacies – fresh from our confectionery. And there is also delicious fruit, mineral and aromatic water.

One of our gourmet partners will serve you a 4-course menu – there are two options for each course. Vegetarian and vegan too, of course.

GEIER Afterwork-Package

10 / person
  • 1 drink of your choice + finger food
  • If you work hard, you can also have a good time in the evening.
    At the end of the day, we welcome you and your guests in our historic GEIER room.
  • Toast your success with a wonderful Franconian country beer, a nice glass of wine or an ice-cold Prosecco.
    You could also enjoy your delicious finger food.

Price from 10 Persons
A drink of your choice is included in the package. You can find more drinks and prices in our drinks menu.